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M.D.C. Group Photo

M.D.C. = Millions of Dead Cops, Millions of Damn Christians,
Millions of Dead Capitalists, Millions of Dead Congressmen, Millions of Dead Children, Missile Destroyed Civilization, Multi-Death Corporation, Male Dominated Culture, Marine Death Corps, Magnus Dominus Corpus

M.D.C. is a musical and political organization always striving to make intelligent, powerful, political statements that scream loudly against political insanity and social malignancy, addressing oppression and the human condition. Their originality challenges and often rivals, with their distinctly blunt and radical views, some of the most iconic bands of the past-and-present punk scene often littered with meaningless personal topical babble. (Just ask the die-hard fans.)

M.D.C. undoubtedly influenced many bands of today, evident in many modern anti-government and anti-oppression oriented groups, as early American Punk folklore blazoned its course through the past 35 years. M.D.C. was on the cover of the FIRST issue of Maximum Rock’n’Roll, which also includes a band interview. They have had major articles in Playboy, Spin, Sounds, and interviews far too numerous to count in local papers and fanzines across the globe. As an integral part of early American Punk folklore, it is not surprising to find references to M.D.C. in the annals of punk history and beyond the boundaries of mainstream music culture--Green Day added MDC's 'No Trump , No KKK No fascist USA' chant in the middle of their song 'Bang Bang' on the 2016 American Music Awards;their honorable mention in the alternative duo They Might Be Giants’ song “Rhythm Section Want Ad” and the “Millions of Dead Cops” album ranking #7 on Kurt Cobain’s all-time favorite list are two interesting examples. M.D.C. forged strong friendships and allies through their years of touring such as The Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Ian McKay of Minor Threat, Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman of Rancid, Green Day, and Dave Grohl, to name a few. M.D.C. is active in a number of good causes, recently speaking against the jailing of anarchist Chris Plummer, and more. They have organized and participated in countless benefits for grassroots movements, from the Native American Big Mountain to Food Not Bombs, and have continually campaigned with their best efforts in the furtherance of a better world.

As of 2016, Millions of Dead Cops, a.k.a. M.D.C., is comprised of three original members, Dave Dictor on vocals Ron “x-con ron” Posner on guitar (as of early 2016 Bill Collins has been filling in on guitars for tour), Al Schvitz on drums and 'Mad' Mike Smith (Brother Spud, No Red Flags) on bass.Since 2014 this lineup has toured Australia and New Zealand as well as two extensive tours of Europe. As well as numerous tours of the USA the most recent having been completed at the end of OCt 2016.A tour with DOA and Deathwish of the east coast and midwest of the USA is planned for March.

M.D.C. is signed with Beer City Skateboards and Records. Many remastered reissues have come out on vinyl, CD, and as digital downloads. Most of these having been releases that were long out of print on vinyl. Also a full line of softwoods as well as some surprises are available and also in the works. M.D.C. has also been working on its newest full-length release with about two dozen new songs to choose from, so the future ahead looks bright for one of the Pioneers of Hardcore Punk Rock.