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The Fastplants

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THE FASTPLANTS are a Chicago area skatepunk band newly added to the Beer City Skateboards & Records roster.

The band started in 2013 and after a couple lineup changes and two self-released e.p.'s and steady gigging around the Midwest, has solidified with the addition of Abe (guitar) and Joel (bass) to original members Matt (guitar) and Marc (drums).This lineup has gigged and toured heavily in 2016 and recorded a split l.p. with Scottish skatepunk band Daniel Waxoff, due for release in spring of 2017.

A full length will be recorded and released for the summer of 2017. In support of the new full length they will be touring the western U.S. in July and playing the Midwest, South, and Eastern U.S. throughout 2017. THE FASTPLANTS have no plans on slowing down and looks forward to every show, big and small.