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Inferno 1983 Group Photo

“INFERNO were the hardest, fastest, most brutal hardcore band of their time and a strong influence…” -- SCOTT IAN / ANTHRAX & SOD

INFERNO existed from 1981-1992 and were a early 80's / first wave hardcore band. They were known worldwide; toured all over Europe and put out 3 full lengths. They also were on many splits including a split in 1985 with Japan's 'Execute' on the legendary Pushead' label Pusmort. As well as many comp's including the 1984 compilation 'Welcome To 1984' put out by by Maximum Rock‘N‘Roll and the infamous 'Cleanse the Bacteria' which was also put out by Pushead on his label. Thrash/Metal bands such Anthrax ,S.O.D, SLAYER and HIRAX name INFERNO as one of their biggest influences in several interviews and features.