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Digital / Out Of Print

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All were originally released on Beer City, but have since gone out of print in the original formats. So we've made them available digitally to download through iTunes. Check back as we will be adding more releases regularly.

LunkheadClever, But Not Funny

  • Lunkhead - "Clever, But Not Funny"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Morticia

    3. 02Nugget

    4. 03Again Today

    5. 04Googoo For Lulu

    6. 05Mr. T

    7. 06Asshole

    8. 07Chuckles

    9. 08High Time

    10. 09Time Bomb

    11. 10Laughing At Your Mistakes

    12. 11Femm Fatale

    13. 12Inspiration Point

    14. 13Candy

    15. 14Truth

    16. 15Sausage Party

Active IngredientsEverything Sucks

  • Active Ingredients - "Everything Sucks"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Dinosaur Fuelay

    3. 02Average Girl

    4. 03Hey!

    5. 043 For 5

    6. 05No Recognition

    7. 06Twenty

    8. 07Everything Sucks

    9. 08Tom's Plant

    10. 09Jumpin' The Train

    11. 10The Mint

    12. 11I Believe You

    13. 12Free Again

    14. 13Message From Fat Mike

IdiotsEvel Knievel

  • Idiots - "Evel Knievel"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Evel Knievel

    3. 02Mission Candy Store Rock

    4. 03Shawn's Got The Orange Cap Blues

    5. 04Mad Canadian

    6. 05Fool

    7. 06SFI

    8. 07Alone 2000

    9. 08Punk Rock Ripoff

    10. 09Japanese Girls Punk Rock

    11. 10Bitting Nails

    12. 11The Fix

    13. 12Cry Me A River

    14. 13Mental Prejudice

    15. 14Surfin With Beth Loudmouth

    16. 15Violent Thoughts

    17. 16Union River (originally by Sick Pleasure)

    • After putting out the 7" for The Idiots they had done some records on Man's Ruin as well as playing out a lot more shows and tours. They had a few new songs and approached us about doing another 7". Unfortunately the sales of 7"s had severely declined and even vinyl wasn't selling to well as a whole. So we thought why not take these new songs and add the songs from the 7" that we put out that was now out of print. Boom from The Idiots thought that was a great idea and then told us they had even more songs from the session were they recorded that 7" we put out. So with that we decided a CD it would be with new songs and bonus tracks. We still needed art work and a layout. So we turned to Tom Kline (who had done a lot of art and layout for the US Bombs) to complete the task. Tom came through with sme really nice art work. Considering this release was a tribute to Evil Knievel everything had to be good. As usual Tom came through. This ended up be a kick ass hardcore/skaterock release!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:hardcore/skaterock

    • Released:1000

    • Scribe #:BCR115

    • barcode #:none

    • Vinyl Color:CD only

    • Amount Pressed:1000 CDs

Active IngredientsHymns Of Holy Hardcore

  • Active Ingredients - "Hymns Of Holy Hardcore"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Open "A"

    3. 02Self Righteous Man

    4. 03Six

    5. 04Instro

    6. 05She's Dead

    7. 06Tahlomns

    8. 07America

    9. 08The Ministry

    10. 09Gates Of Hell

    11. 10Saved

    12. 11Last Chance

    13. 12Strength In Of God

    14. 13Jeremy vs. The Machine

The CrustiesCrustunes / In Yuk Park

  • The Crusties - "Crustunes/In Yuk Park" (Bonus Track Version)

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Wasteful Goodbye

    3. 02Raped Eyes

    4. 03Don't You Think

    5. 04Horton Hears A Who

    6. 05Your Own Words

    7. 06Chainsaw Horror

    8. 07Blood From A Skull Cap

    9. 08Knock 2x

    10. 09Ratz

    11. 10Dairyland Youth

    12. 11Little Fish, Big Pond

    13. 12K-9 Cadaver / Final Regret

    14. 13Bluelight Special

    15. 14This Planet For Rent

    16. 15Sloppy Seconds

    17. 16Whiney Baby Buttwipe

    18. 17Don't You Think (Yuk Park)

    19. 18Final Regret (Yuk Park)

    20. 19Ratz (Yuk Park)

    21. 20Buried Away (Yuk Park)

    22. 21Knock 2x (Yuk Park)

    23. 22Whiney Baby Buttwipe (Yuk Park)

    24. 23Dairyland Youth (Yuk Park)

    25. 24Hammer Down (Bonus Track)

    26. 25Up Through The Pipes (Bonus Track)

The CrustiesRats Revenge

  • The Crusties - "Rats Revenge"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Blue Light Special

    3. 02Little Fish, Big Pond

    4. 03Cupid's Poison Arrow

    5. 04Chainsaw Horror

    6. 05Fucked Up Rednecks

    7. 06Chicken George

    8. 07Sloppy Seconds

    9. 08Empty Truck

    10. 09Rat's Revenge

    11. 10Who Cares So What

    12. 11Eat My Fuck

10-96No Retreat

  • 10-96 - "No Retreat"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Intensation

    3. 02Mental Chant

    4. 03Bullshit

    5. 04Money

    6. 05Rag

    7. 06Pig's Law

    8. 07Fucked Up

    9. 08Filth

    10. 09'89 Tour

    11. 10Desert Scam

    12. 11Wankers

    13. 12Dred Song

    14. 13Wake Up

    15. 14Pub Song

    16. 15Get Along

    17. 16Inspector Clueseau

    18. 17Police Assisted Suicide

    19. 18Old School

    20. 19Dead Leathers

    21. 20Diplomat

    22. 21You're Wrong

    23. 22Teenage Sluts

    24. 23Gotcha Goin'

    25. 24Why

    26. 25Friendship

    27. 26Child Abuse

    28. 27Get A Job

    29. 28Isn't Life Crazy

    30. 29Chrysler

    31. 30Trust

    32. 31Fuck You

    33. 32Banned From The Pub (Live)

The Rat BastardsPerpetual Disorder

  • The Rat Bastards - "Perpetual Disorder"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Fate

    3. 02Nobody Wins

    4. 03The Peg

    5. 04You Tell Me

    6. 05Affirmation

    7. 06What's Your Gig

    8. 07Purge

    9. 08White Knuckle Punks

    10. 09Neurotic Enigma

    11. 10Perpetual Disorder

    12. 11Sea Of Black

    13. 12Get Tough

    14. 13Superior To None

    15. 14Industrialized Autocracy

    16. 15What The Fuck

    17. 16You're In My Urine

    18. 17Environmental Pollution

    19. 18Chernobyl

Disrupt YouthLookin' For Answers

  • Disrupt Youth - "Lookin' For Answers"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Slime

    3. 02By The Book

    4. 03524

    5. 04Bouncer Quest

    6. 05Bachelor Pad

    7. 06Lookin' Back

    8. 07Adjusting To The Lifestyle

    9. 08No More

    10. 09Scared To Death

    11. 10Ginger Wine

    12. 11Patron Care

    13. 12Macho Weekend

    14. 13Disillusioned

    15. 1449 Dollars

    16. 15Force Fed War

    17. 16Run Away

    18. 17Dole Que

    19. 18OJ

Oppressed LogicAin't A Damn Thing Changed

  • Opressed Logic - "Ain't A Damn Thing Changed"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Aint A Damn Thing Changed

    3. 02Not My American Dream

    4. 03Cruisers

    5. 04Tension

    6. 05Eighty-Sixed

    7. 06Get A Clue

    8. 07Old School Days

    9. 08Little Girls (Part 2)

    10. 09On The Hunt

    11. 10Unatural Acts

    12. 11Found In A Ditch / They're Gonna Die

    13. 12Sometimes

    14. 13Jose Cuervo

    15. 14Billions For Destruction

    16. 15Down On Your Luck

    17. 16Wings

    18. 17Hangin' On Telegraph

    • After releasing their 7" we all knew a full length was in order. So the band played a bunch of shows; toured and started working on it. This would be the result. It was the same Oppressed Logic , but they had gotten better and you can hear it in this record. This was hardcore/punk played early 80's style. All the speed , aggression and lyrics about everyday life and situations. Also all offended parties would get their revenge on the song 'Little Girls Part 2'. After this album we would end up doing one other full length for this band.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:early 80's hardcore/punk

    • Released:1997

    • Scribe #:BCR058

    • barcode #:none

    • Vinyl Color:black

    • Amount Pressed:1,000

Wanda Chrome and the Leather PharoahsDangerous Times

  • Wanda Chrome and the Leather Pharaohs - "Dangerous Times"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Money, Malt Liquor, and Guns

    3. 02Pill Party

    4. 03Street Life

    5. 04Down

    6. 05Rumble

    7. 06Hard City

    8. 07Johnny's Got A Gun

    9. 08Commando

    10. 09N.R.A.

    11. 10Your Going Miss Me

    • We had put out a 7" for this Milwaukee band. Some time went by and we talked about doing this full length. Wanda Chrome being more of a live band wanted to do this live , but unlike their other albums that were recorded live at a show this one was going to be different. This one was going to be recorded live at our warehouse. Which is something that would be a first. So the band called up Jeff Schaefer who had a mobile studio and he came by. The band and him set up and over the weekend the record was recorded. Wanda Chrome was always known as a "Get drunk , fun time punk/ rock N roll band." They played a lot of covers and some originals to. For this record it was mainly originals and three covers. The band showed that not only could they play covers , but they could also write originals that held their own. Another cool thing was the cover art actually was a piece done by our friend Von Munz who actually ended up doing art for some other Beer City projects as well.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style: punk rock / rock n roll

    • Released:1999

    • Scribe #:BCR103

    • barcode #:None

    • Vinyl Color:black

    • Amount Pressed: 1000

The Murderers / JerkoffsSplit CD

  • The Murderers / Jerkoffs Split CD

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. The Murderers

    3. 01Rock N Roll Hate

    4. 02Princess

    5. 03Go Away

    6. 04Anarchy Thru Alcoholism

    7. 05Johnny

    8. 06Pull the Plug

    9. The Jerkoffs

    10. 07Downsized

    11. 08Blackout

    12. 09Phuck Phish

    13. 10P.C. Punks

    14. 11Granger Youth

    15. 12I Don't Want It

    16. 13Ww Won't Be Stopped

    17. 14Theme

    18. 15My Life

    19. 16What De Fuck?

    20. 17Skulls

    21. 18Cigarettes

    • The guitarist of each band were cousins and talked about doing a split record. We had put out a 7" for The Jerkoffs and were also friends with the Murderers so we all thought Beer City should be the one to do the split. It ended up turing out really good. The Jerkoffs were more hardcore and The Murderers were now more punk. In our eyes that makes for a good split. So we put it out. The CD would contain bonus material by each band and this would be the first and only picture disc we would put out.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:hardcore/punk, punk

    • Released:1998

    • Scribe #:BCR104

    • barcode #:none

    • Vinyl Color:picture disc

    • Amount Pressed:1000 LPs and 1000 CDS

Brass TacksJust The Facts

  • Brass Tacks - "Just the Facts"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Ain't Gonna Win

    3. 02Skinhead Rock N Roll

    4. 03For All I Care

    5. 04Trudge Onward

    6. 05Just this Once

    7. 06Losing Control

    8. 07My Friends and Me

    9. 08United Pride

    10. 09Feed the Fire

    11. 10Nice Boys

    12. 11Oi Toy

    13. 12Scenester

    14. 13Working Class

    15. 14Wisconsin Hooligans

    • Being this was our friends band and that are really good we obviously wanted to put out a full length for them. So we got together and made it happen. It turned out really nice. While these guys were all skinheads this band is about a lot more then oi. There also is a lot of rock n roll to it. The full length turned out great and we were glad to have put it out.Brass Tacks is still together and plays out on a regular basis so if you have the chance check them out!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:hardcore/punk, thrash/metal

    • Released:2000

    • Scribe #:BCR107

    • barcode #:none

    • Vinyl Color:CD only

    • Amount Pressed:1000 CDs

Oppressed LogicIt's Harassment (Bonus Track Version)

  • Opressed Logic - "It's Harassment (Bonus Track Version)"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01This Is Reality

    3. 02Harassment

    4. 03Don't Come Back

    5. 04You're Doing It Wrong

    6. 05Abort The Kids

    7. 06Living Abortion

    8. 07Welcome To The Bay

    9. 08P.C. Full of Shit!

    10. 09Void of Society

    11. 10Bomb Iraq

    12. 11Doing Time

    13. 12Theif

    14. 13My Life's A Fucking Mess

    15. 14No Pride

    16. 15Exploitation

    17. 16Fuck What You Heard (Bonus Track)

    18. 17Price For Freedom (Bonus Track)

    19. 18Book And It's Cover (Bonus Track)

    20. 19Putting Us Down (Bonus Track)

    • Back once again for their 2nd full length release and 4th release on Beer City. Oppressed Logic brings us 17 songs of early 80’s sarcastic shit talking punk from this notorious bay area band. Know for speaking their minds and not caring what others think or say. This new LP features a brand new line up backing original vocalist Cyco Logic Loco. This release is by far Oppressed Logic's best yet! Not only is the music spectacular but the packaging rules as well. The record even comes on purple vinyl and was pressed at RTI pressing plant, whom are know for their high quality work!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:hardcore/punk

    • Released:2001

    • Scribe #:BCR110

    • barcode #:none

    • Vinyl Color:purple

    • Amount Pressed:1000

Spider CuntsStuck Up and Mean

  • Spider Cunts - "Stuck Up 'n Mean"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Rage

    3. 02Hey!

    4. 037 A.M. Love Affair

    5. 04Scream 4

    6. 0560 Stiches in 6 Weeks

    7. 06Brooklyn Lager

    8. 07Closed Deli Breakup

    9. 08Chemnitz

    10. 09You've Got Two Faces

    11. 10Twisted Fister

    12. 11Boys With Morals 2000

    13. 12Punch You In the Neck

    14. 13Liquor, Heavy N Hard

    • We first saw this band play at SpiderFest in Canada. Then not to long after that we traded some records. Eventually they asked us if we would be interested in putting out their first full length. After hearing a demo of the songs that were going to be on the full length we told them yes. This was really good. They weren't really hardcore, but more of a fast punk band. While we put out stuff for a lot of bands that had women in them. This would be the first and only band to date we put something out for that was an all women band.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:fast punk

    • Released:2000

    • Scribe #:BCR113

    • barcode #:none

    • Vinyl Color:CDonly

    • Amount Pressed:1000

Very MetalLifes Too Short

  • Very Metal - "Life's Too Short"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Who Dares To Win

    3. 02 Not Again

    4. 03Nightmare

    5. 04Young Buck

    6. 05Solider of Fortune

    7. 06Looking Down the Barrel

    8. 07Search and Seizure

    9. 08I Don't Care

    10. 09Witch Hunt

    11. 10Red

    12. 11Fucking Lie

    13. 12Life's Too Short

    • Back in 96 we put out a 7" for this band. After a few years Pat the guitarist was the only original member left. He changed the direction of the band then. They went from being a fast , sloppy chaotic band to a sometimes fast, sometimes slow hardcore punk band with rock overtones. Needless to say they kicked ass. We included a track by them on our 'Black Eyes and Broken Bottles' comp (Which had all new members expect Josh was still on vocals). After that Pat stayed in touch with us. One day he asked us if we could arrange time for them to record a full length. So we called up Bill at 'Walls Have Ears' here in Milwaukee and set up a weekend for the band to come and record. In one weekend Very Metal would not only record , but they would mix and master this full length as well. Sometimes just going in and doing it and not spending a lot of time results in an awesome record. This certainly was one of those times. So we agreed to put this out. We had Tom Kline do the art and layout and shortly after the CD came out. This would not be the last release or time we worked with Very Metal. In fact it was just the start of a whole new chapter.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk, Rock

    • Released:2000

    • Scribe #:BCR117

    • barcode #:None

    • Vinyl Color:No vinyl, just a CD

    • Amount Pressed:1000 Cd's

HateworkThrash and Roll

  • Hatework - "Thrash and Roll"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01I.D.T.

    3. 02Thrash 'n' Roll

    4. 03XXX

    5. 04Heaven’s on Fire

    6. 05Devil Eye

    7. 06I Don’t Care

    8. 07War Again

    9. 08Gateway to Hell

    10. 09Radio Madness

    11. 10Get Off

    12. 11Blast from Below

    13. 12Rip the Hush

    • Hailing from Italy, Hatework takes 'crossover' to the next level. Think of early Metallica and Slayer and you have Hatework. Fast intense songs full of guitars and double bass.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Thrash/Metal

    • Released:2004

    • Scribe #:BCR120

    • barcode #:650557012027

    • Vinyl Color:no vinyl just a cd

    • Amount Pressed:2000

The FactionCollection 1982-1985

  • The Faction - "1982-1985 Collection"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Tounge like a battering ram

    3. 02Friends and enemies

    4. 03The kids are the future

    5. 04Dark room

    6. 05Being watched

    7. 06Corpse in disguise

    8. 07Let’s go get cokes

    9. 08Why save the wales

    10. 09Yesterday is gone

    11. 10100 years of war

    12. 11I decide for me

    13. 12Fast food diet

    14. 13California Dreamin

    15. 14Lost in space

    16. 15Room 101

    17. 16Skate & Destroy

    18. 17Deathless

    19. 18Boredom awaits

    20. 19Your generation

    21. 20Not Mine

    22. 21Bullets are faster then words

    23. 22Since I was a kid

    24. 23Pegged for life

    25. 24Skate harassment

    26. 25Spineless majority

    27. 26Beyond the mirror

    28. 27Demons

    29. 26Tenebrae

    • The Faction were one of the best skaterock bands of all times. For us being a skateboard company and all skaters; getting to work with these guys and putting out this CD was a huge honor.The CD contained 28 songs (almost all the known recordings for the band at that time). Plus a cool booklet complete with all the bands show dates plus some liner notes to. A follow up to this release has been talked about and may see the light of day yet!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Sk8 rock, punk, hardcore, thrash

    • Released:2001

    • Scribe #:BCR130

    • barcode #:650557013024

    • Vinyl Color:no vinyl just a cd

    • Amount Pressed:countless

MDCNow More Than Ever

  • MDC - "Now More Than Ever"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Business on Parade

    3. 02Dead Cops/America's so straight

    4. 03Corporate Deathburger

    5. 04John Wayne was a Nazi

    6. 05My Family is a Little Weird

    7. 06Multi Death Corporation

    8. 07Chicken Squawk

    9. 08No More Cops

    10. 09Drink to Forget

    11. 10Tofutti

    12. 11Millions of Damn Christians

    13. 12Bye Bye Ronnie

    14. 13Henry Kissmtassenger

    15. 14Skinhead

    16. 15Dirty Harry for President

    17. 16Deep in the Heart

    18. 17I Was a Dupe for the RCP

    19. 18Millions of Dead Cops

    20. 19Beat Somebody Up

    21. 20I Do Not Wish

    22. 21Money Pile

    23. 22Cock Rocker

    24. 23Shades of Brown

    25. 24Borrowed Time

    26. 25Long Time Gone

    27. 26My Dog Has No Girlfriend

    28. 27More Squawk

    29. 28Submissives-I Was an Infant

    30. 29Secret to a Long Life

    31. 30Nazis Shouldn’t Drive

    32. 31Missile Destroyed Civilization

    • This is MDC’ s CD retrospective of their career up to 2002. This CD documents their achievements so far and includes 31 great tracks which include songs chosen from most all of their past LP’s and some rare singles like "My Dog Has No Girlfriend" from the MDC/Repeat Offenders split, an unreleased Submissives song " I was an Infant" Plus Michelle Shocked cover "Secret To a Long Life" and a live version of "Nazis Shouldn’t Drive". Also included on this great and diverse record is a newly recorded MDC song, "More Squawk" which has been a live favorite and really rocks.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:hardcore/punk

    • Released:2002

    • Scribe #:BCR132

    • barcode #:650557013222

    • Vinyl Color:cd only

    • Amount Pressed:2000

Very MetalHit and Run

  • Very Metal - "Hit and Run"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Living A Lie

    3. 02Hit And Run

    4. 03Jealousy

    5. 04Worthless

    6. 05Lie, Cheat, Steal

    7. 06Enemy

    8. 07Cheap Shot

    9. 08Behind Bars

    10. 09Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

    11. 10Nightstalker

    12. 11Sicko Creep

    13. 12Terminal Boredom

    14. 13Losing My Mind

    15. 14Tear It Down

    • With a name taken from Vivian's jacket from the British hit comedy 'The Young Ones' you know your in for something good! Very Metal is a hardcore/punk band from St.Louis, Mo. They combine elements of early 80s hardcore/punk/English punk and rock. They have been compared to great bands such as Motorhead, The Exploited, GBH, DRI, The Cro Mags and The Necroes. With this new release Very Metal brings you 14 songs of hard hitting heavy thrash/ hardcore punk that mixes elements of metal and rock. Lovers of hardcore, punk, metal or hard rock will eat this up. After being together for over 8 years (as of 2002) Very Metal has formed into a tight solid well working unit that will annihilate anything that stands in there way.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:80's hardcore/punk/UK punk and rock

    • Released:2002

    • Scribe #:BCR137

    • barcode #:6505570137-3

    • Vinyl Color:CD only

    • Amount Pressed:5000

Oppressed LogicOnes That Control

  • Oppressed Logic - "Ones That Control"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Struggling To Stay Alive

    3. 02What Choice

    4. 03Ones That Control

    5. 04Mean Hippies

    6. 05Not My Fault

    7. 06What You say

    8. 07Time To Fight

    9. 08Get The Fuck Off

    10. 09U.S. Attacked

    11. 10Deranged

    12. 11Life

    13. 12Say We Suck

    14. 13Just Can't Hate Enough

Remission'95-'98 Discography

  • Remission - '95-'98 Discography

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Unfiltered

    3. 02Manufactured

    4. 03Temporary Service = Temporary Slavery

    5. 04Tainting The Message

    6. 05One In Fourteen

    7. 06Go Bankrupt And Die

    8. 07Bare The Scars

    9. 08Accustom To Nothing

    10. 09Gone Nowhere

    11. 10Misled

    12. 11A Few Faces Of Protest

    13. 12No More Lies

    14. 13Fetus The Code

    15. 14Ambitions

    16. 15Cumplusions Of Futility

    17. 16The Masses

    18. 17One Nation

    19. 18Only Regret

    20. 19Typo

    21. 20Placebo

    22. 21Twenty Years Unfold

    23. 22Feel The Neglect

    24. 23Everyday

    25. 24Beyond Your Pride

    26. 25State Of Remission

    27. 26Recycle The Free

    28. 27Suffoculture

    29. 28Lost Life

    30. 29The Last Pledge

    31. 30Nothing

    32. 31Typo

    33. 32Twenty Years Unfold

    34. 33Recycle The Free

    35. 34State Of Remission

    36. 35Suffoculture

    37. 36Feel The Neglect

Sacred OrderInternational House Of Death

  • Sacred Order - "International House Of Death"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Icky Bitch

    3. 02Erik Estrada

    4. 03Bongs

    5. 04She Kills Me

    6. 05I'm Busy Dying

    7. 06I Just Do

    8. 07Slam The Nation

    9. 08You Bastards

    10. 09Poor And Radical

    11. 10International House Of Death

    12. 11Saturation Bombing

    13. 12Funky Mr. Penis

    14. 133 Testes

    15. 14Pile Of Hell

    16. 15I Love Alice Cooper

    17. 16She Kills Me (Live 1984)

    18. 17Slam The Nation (Return Of The Paranoids 7" 1996)

    19. 18International House Of Death (Return Of The Paranoids 7" 1996)

    20. 19I Love Alice Cooper (Return Of The Paranoids 7" 1996)

    21. 20Pile Of Hell (Return Of The Paranoids 7" 1996)

Sacred OrderLive On WMSE

  • Sacred Order - "Live On WMSE"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Erik Estrada

    3. 02Poor Radical

    4. 03Slam The Nation

    5. 04I'm Busy Dying

    6. 05Bong

    7. 06Icky Bitch

    8. 07Funky Mr. Penis

    9. 083 Testes

    10. 09I Don't

    11. 10Pile Of Hell

    12. 11International House Of Death

    13. 12I Love Alice Cooper

Sacred OrderE Ticket

  • Sacred Order - "E Ticket"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Devil Dog Port

    3. 02Terminal Bender

    4. 03On Your Own

    5. 04Enemies

    6. 05Bardot Of The '80s

    7. 06Another Day

    8. 07The Chemistry's There

    9. 08Wild Weekend

    10. 09Near Impression

    11. 10Meeting The Dark

    12. 11Bad News Woman