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BCR197The Tubuloids / Bronxxx An International Skate Rock Split! LP

  • The Tubuloids/Bronxxx - An International Skate Rock Split! LP

    1. Tracklist:

    2. 015MC (Bronxxx)

    3. 02Old Skool Still New (Bronxxx)

    4. 03Boston Crew (Bronxxx)

    5. 04Poser Till Death (Bronxxx)

    6. 05Fuck Girl Cops (Bronxxx)

    7. 06Poser #1 (Bronxxx)

    8. 07Team Is Shit (Bronxxx)

    9. 08Slam Dance Forever (Bronxxx)

    10. 09Back Into Society (The Tubuloids)

    11. 10Professor Bumbles (The Tubuloids)

    12. 11Drop Into the Deep (The Tubuloids)

    13. 12Dawn Patrol (The Tubuloids)

    14. 13Party Pig (The Tubuloids)

    15. 14Hadfield's Space Madness (The Tubuloids)

    16. 15Riot On the 135 (The Tubuloids)

    • Additional Details:

    • We bring together two bands from complete opposite ends of the globe: BRONXXX & THE TUBULOIDS - An International Skate Rock split! Both share a love of playing ÔSkate RockÕ and skateboarding. First Japan's BRONXXX brings you six kickass hardcore songs reminiscent of early Boston hardcore and they top it off with a BIG BOYS-inspired tune called "Slam Dance Forever". Next up Vancouver's THE TUBULOIDS mix it up with a fair share of tsunami surfpunk that will have you dancing the night away.

      This record is a perfect example of the diversity yet similarity that is known as the genre of "Skate Rock". So pick up this record and blast it while you session your favorite, pool, ditch, ramp or street spot & it will have you pumped and wanting more!

    • Music Style:Hardcore, punk, surf, skaterock , surf punk

    • Released:4-18-15

    • Scribe #:CD BCR197-1

    • barcode #:650557019712

    • Vinyl Color:Translucent Gold

    • Amount Pressed:1200

BCR199Brass Tacks Just the Facts 15th Anniversary Edition CD & LP

  • Brass Tacks - Just the Facts 15th Anniversary Edition CD & LP

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Ain’t Gonna Win (Just the Facts)

    3. 02Skinhead Rock-N-Roll (Just the Facts)

    4. 03For All I Care (Just the Facts)

    5. 04Trudge Onward (Just the Facts)

    6. 05Just This Once (Just the Facts)

    7. 06Losing Control (Just the Facts)

    8. 07My Friends and Me (Just the Facts)

    9. 08United Pride (Just the Facts)

    10. 09Feed the Fire (Just the Facts)

    11. 10Nice Boys (Just the Facts)

    12. 11Oi TOY (Just the Facts)

    13. 12Scenester (Just the Facts)

    14. 13Working Class (Just the Facts)

    15. 14Wisconsin Hooligans (Just the Facts)

    16. 15Just the Facts (Demo tape)

    17. 16The Good Life (The Good Life 7")

    18. 17Positively Baldwin Street (The Good Life 7")

    19. 18Let’s Smash Some Skulls (The Good Life 7")

    • Originally released in the late 90’s Just the Facts quickly became a must-have release. It was a rowdy good time— a skinhead rock n roll full length that also mixed in elements of hardcore, punk and oi. It not only delivered the goods, but it also knocked you off your feet and left you wanting more. It was followed up by the Good Life single and shortly after BRASS TACKS called it a day.The 1000 copies of Just the Facts made quickly sold out. For about 15 years this full length was only available digitally until now.

      LP version-Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to bring you for the first time ever on vinyl BRASS TACKS- Just the Facts 15th Anniversary Edition LP ! This contains the original full length plus the tracks from The Good Life 7” as well as the demo track and only recorded version of the song “Just the Facts” -- a grand total of 18 blistering boot-stomping tracks. This reissue has been given the deluxe treatment of a brand new layout including a inner sleeve filled with lyrics, photos and flyers from the band’s 15+ year existence. All the tracks on this release have been restored and remastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers.Limited to 1000 copies on translucent red vinyl for RSD 2015.

      CD version-Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to bring you … BRASS TACKS Just the Facts:15th Anniversary Edition! This contains the original full length plus the tracks from The Good Life 7” as well as the demo track and only recorded version of the song “Just the Facts” for a grand total of 18 blistering, boot-stomping tracks. This reissue has been given the deluxe treatment of a brand new layout including a 24-page booklet filled with lyrics , photos and flyers from the bands 15 plus year existence. All the tracks on this release have been restored and remastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore, punk, oi/skinhead rock n roll

    • Released:LP -2015 - April 18th , CD -2015 MAy 12th

    • Scribe #:CD BCR199-2 / LP BCR199-1

    • barcode #: CD 650557019927 / LP 650557019910

    • Vinyl Color: translucent red

    • Amount Pressed:LP 1000 / CD 1000 release

BCR189Deathwish Out For Blood CD or LP

  • Deathwish "Out For Blood" CD & LP

    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Population Zero

    3. 02Deathwish

    4. 03Out For Blood

    5. 04Six Bullet Roulette

    6. 05Balance of Power

    7. 06As the Fire Rises

    8. 07Flatline

    9. 08Cold Day in Hell

    10. 09Unholy Bastards

    • Additional Details:

    • Hailing from the brutal frozen wasteland of northern Wisconsin, DEATHWISH is an ass-kicking, fierce motocharged rock n roll punk band that annihilates everything in its path. Think of an even more brutal and aggressive MOTORHEAD and you have DEATHWISH. For their first full length Out For Blood they bring you nine fast, relentless guitar driven tracks that will knock you off your feet and take no prisoners. Imagine blaring guitar solos, pounding drums and fierce angry vocals. Add in a kickass recording and then mastering by the legendary Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering! All that combines for a record that will destroy everything in its path and have you begging for more!

      The vinyl version of "Out For Blood" will debut on Record Store Day(April 18th). It will be limited to 1000 copies on translucent red vinyl and be an official Record Store Day release. The CD version will be out May 12th.

      Not content to sit home and rot, DEATHWISH will be on three separate tours this year with the legendary M.D.C., Italy's legendary RAW POWER and, last but not least, pioneering English crust punk/death metal veterans DEVIATED INSTINCT.

      Fans of MOTORHEAD,GBH, DISFEAR, and MIDNIGHT will enjoy the destruction this band has unleashed!

      "Deathwish's musicianship is so tight, it almost chokes the ears; there's no slack to be found anywhere on this album!" - Jeanne Fury - Decibel

    • Music Style:Motocharged rock n roll, hardcore punk

    • Released:CD 215 May 12th / LP 2015 - April 18th

    • Scribe #:CD BCR189-2 / LP BCR189-1

    • barcode #:CD 650557018920 / LP 650557018913

    • Vinyl Color:Red

    • Amount Pressed:LP 1098 - Red vinyl RSD 2015 / CD 1000

BCR175MDC Millions of Dead Cops Millennium Edition CD or LP

  • MDC - Millions of Dead Cops "Millennium Edition" CD & LP

    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Business on Parade (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    3. 02Greed Dead Cops/America's so Straight (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    4. 03Born to Die (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    5. 04Corporate Deathburger (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    6. 05Violent Rednecks (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    7. 06I Remember (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    8. 07John Wayne was a Nazi (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    9. 08Dick For Brains (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    10. 09I Hate Work (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    11. 10My Family Is a Little Weird (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    12. 11Greedy & Pathetic (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    13. 12Church and State (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    14. 13Kill the Light (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    15. 14American Achievements (Millions of Dead Cops LP)

    16. Bonus Tracks Available on CD Version Only:

    17. 15Multi Death Corporations (Multi Death Corporations 7")

    18. 16Selfish Shit (Multi Death Corporations 7")

    19. 17Radioactive Chocolate (Multi Death Corporations 7")

    20. 18No Place To Piss (Multi Death Corporations 7")

    21. 19Chicken Squawk (Millions of Dead Children/Chicken Squawk 7")

    22. 20Death of a Nun (Millions of Dead Children/Chicken Squawk 7")

    23. 21Kleptomaniac (Millions of Dead Children/Chicken Squawk 7")

    24. 22(R)Evolution in Rock - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED -(Millions of Dead Children/Chicken Squawk 7")

    25. 23Pay To Come Along - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (Millions of Dead Children/Chicken Squawk 7")

    26. 24Pecking Order - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (Millions of Dead Children/Chicken Squawk 7")

    27. 25Intro (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    28. 26Multi Death Corporation (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    29. 27Selfish Shit (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    30. 28Pay To Come Along (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    31. 29Dick For Brains (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    32. 30I Remember (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    33. 31John Wayne was a Nazi (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    34. 32Warning to Bouncer (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    35. 33Born to Die (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    36. 34Radioactive Chocolate (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    37. 35(R)Evolution in Rock (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    38. 36Corporate Deathburger (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    39. 37Greedy & Pathetic (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    40. 38Church and State (intro) (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    41. 39Church and State (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    42. 40Business on Parade (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    43. 41Dead Cops/America's so Straight (Live at CBGB's 1983)

    44. 42John Wayne was a Nazi (Stains 7")

    45. 43Born to Die (Stains 7")

    46. 44Corporate Deathburger - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (Stains 7")

    47. 45Dick For Brains - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (Stains 7")

    • Additional Details:

    • LP - ‘Millions of Dead Cops’ is the first iconic, full length; classic must have record by M.D.C. This was first released in 1981 and quickly became an overnight sensation. Not only did M.D.C. deliver a record full of fast intense music, but this record would influence 1000’s of hardcore/punk and bands of political nature to this day. The corruption of cops! Greed of corporations! Racism! The fact that not all people were the same, but so what that’s OK! Are all addressed in this groundbreaking LP. Many of these issues were quit taboo at the time and had not been addressed to this degree in punk before. Round it all off with this being fully restored and re mastered with the original mix. You have a definite must have album!

      CD - M.D.C. - Millions of Dead Cops - Millennium Edition is the ultimate complete collection of the formative years of the legendary hardcore/punk/thrash/political band known as M.D.C. Millennium Edition contains 45 tracks (some previously unreleased, unheard, bonus ones) from the classic releases including M.D.C.’s first iconic, full-length from 1981, Millions of Dead Cops. Next up is the Multi Death Corporations 7” which came out in 1983 and showed a faster, more thrash like M.D.C. Next is the Millions of Dead Children/Chicken Squawk 7” released in 1984, as well as the previously unreleased Live at CBGB’s 1983 where you get to hear M.D.C. play their soon to be classic material at the legendary C.B.G.B.’s! To top it all off, we end it where M.D.C. began with the highly sought after Stains 7” that was originally released in 1981. This CD includes a kick ass booklet with lyrics and liner notes, plus all songs being restored and re-mastered making Millennium Edition the ultimate M.D.C. must-have reissue!

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk/thrash

    • Released:2014 - Nov 27th

    • Scribe #:CD BCR175-2 / LP BCR175-1

    • barcode #: CD 650557017527 / LP 650557017510

    • Vinyl Color: gold

    • Amount Pressed:LP 1000 / CD 2000 release

BCR186Toxic ReasonsIndependence LP

  • Toxic Reasons - "Independence" LP

    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Mercenary

    3. 02Drunk and Disorderly

    4. 03War Hero

    5. 04Noise Boys

    6. 05Riot Squad

    7. 06Ghost Town

    8. 07Killer

    9. 08Somebody Help Me

    10. 09How Do You Feel

    11. 10White Noise

    12. 11The Shape of Things To Come

    13. 12Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys

    • Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to announce the reissue of the classic, mandatory TOXIC REASONS’ Independence! This full length was originally released in 1982 and quickly became a hardcore/punk classic. Now Independence has been restored, re-mastered and is better sounding then ever! This is the record that contains such classics as “Drunk and Disorderly”, “Riot Squad”, “War Hero”, “Rally ‘Round the Flag Boys” (let’s face it, all 12 songs on this album are all considered classics). Besides being restored and re-mastered this record also comes with a printed inner sleeve as well as a full-sized poster with all the lyrics and pictures.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2014 - Nov 27th

    • Scribe #:BCR186

    • barcode #: 650557018611

    • Vinyl Color: red

    • Amount Pressed:1000

BCR099D.R.I.The Dirty Rotten CD - Millennium Edition

  • D.R.I. - "The Dirty Rotten CD - Millennium Edition"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01I Dont Need Society

    3. 02Commutter Man

    4. 03Plastique

    5. 04Why

    6. 05Balance of Terror

    7. 06My Fate to Hate

    8. 07Who Am I

    9. 08Money Stinks

    10. 09Human Waste

    11. 10Yes ma'am

    12. 11Dennis' Problem

    13. 12Closet Punk

    14. 13Reaganonics

    15. 14Sad To Be

    16. 15War Crimes

    17. 16Busted

    18. 17Draft Me

    19. 18F.R.D.C.

    20. 19Capitalists Suck

    21. 20Misery Loves Company

    22. 21No Sense

    23. 22Blockhead

    24. 23Rather Be Sleeping (VATS Demo)

    25. 24No People (VATS Demo)

    26. 25Snap (COMP)

    27. 26Explorer (COMP)

    28. 27Running Around (VP)

    29. 28Couch Slouch (VP)

    30. 29To Open Closed Doors (VP)

    31. 30Violent Pacification (VP)

    32. 31Radio Interview #1 part 1

    33. 32We Are US (DEMO)

    34. 33I Dont Need Society (DEMO)

    35. 34Radio Interview #1 part 2

    36. 35Blockhead (DEMO)

    37. 36Radio Interview #1 part 3

    38. 37Radio Interview #2 part 1

    39. 38Commuter Man (DEMO)

    40. 39Radio Interview #2 part 2

    41. 40Yes Ma'am (LIVE)

    42. 41Nursing Home Blues (LIVE)

    43. 42Money Stinks (LIVE)

    44. 43Louie Louie (LIVE)

    45. 44Radio Interview #2 part 3

    46. 44I Dont Need Society-CD Enhanced Track

    47. 44Reaganonics-CD Enhanced Track

    48. 44Commutter Man-CD Enhanced Track

    49. 44Plastique / Why-CD Enhanced Track

    50. 44Balance of Terror-CD Enhanced Track

    • This is where it all began. Where the legend started. DRI defined Hardcore, shaped it, moulded it and made it their own, crafting a raw musical form into a focused weapon, they released a record that would rarely be bettered and never surpassed. Regarded by many as one of the best and most influential Hardcore records ever committed to vinyl, "The Dirty Rotten LP" is finally re-issued on CD remixed and remastered, and finally given the release it so truly deserves. Besides the classic first LP the CD also contains the 'Violent PacificationE'P, the legendary VATS recording sessions, the bands first live radio session recorded for KPFT Houston in 1982, rare, rarely heard radio interview footage, and if that wasn't enough, also includes interactive video footage from the bands first show at the home of Hardcore, CBGB's, in 1983. One of the most famous records in Hardcore history just got better. Essential for metal-heads and HC kids alike!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2002

    • Scribe #:BCR099

    • barcode #:650557009928

    • Vinyl Color:CD release only

    • Amount Pressed:countless copies

BCR109The MotherfuckersWe're Fucked LP

  • The Motherfuckers - "We're Fucked" LP

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Dont / Scum Punk

    3. 02Green Limo

    4. 03Drink For Free

    5. 04Fuck 911

    6. 05I Fucked Lou Grant

    7. 06I Like Glass

    8. 07Dumpster Divin Dude

    9. 08Fuck Shit Up

    10. 09Suck My Dick

    11. 10Naphlegm

    12. 11Was Punk

    13. 12Girls Suck

    14. 13Prank

    15. 14So Happy

    16. 15Space Shuttle Disasters

    17. 16S.P.A.K.Y.P

    • Haiing from Milwaukee Wisconsin, The Motherfuckers were an amazing band! This album is 16 tracks of awesome aggressive in your face angry hardcore that was recorded back in 94.It blazes along with tight powered speed like the thrash hardcore of the old days. This is straight forward ,powerful and really good!If your a fan of thrash metal or hardcore this is a must have for your collection!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:thrash/metal , hardcore/punk

    • Released:2001

    • Scribe #:BCR109-1

    • barcode #: 650557010917

    • Vinyl Color:green

    • Amount Pressed:1,000

BCR111D.R.I.Dealing With It - Millennium Edition CD or LP

  • D.R.I. - "Dealing with It" Millennium Edition" CD or LP

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Snap - Remastered tracks- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    3. 02I'd rather be Sleeping- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    4. 03Marriage- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    5. 04Yes Ma'me- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    6. 05Soup Kitchen- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    7. 06Mad Man- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    8. 07Stupid,Stupid War- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    9. 08Counter Attack- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    10. 09Couch Slouch- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    11. 10God is Broke- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    12. 11Karma- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    13. 12Nursing Home Blues- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    14. 13I Don't Need Society- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    15. 14Give My Taxes Back- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    16. 15The Explore- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    17. 16Reaganomics- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    18. 17How to Act- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    19. 18Shame- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    20. 19Argument Then War- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    21. 20Evil Minds- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    22. 21Slit my Wrist- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    23. 22Busted Again- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    24. 23Equel People- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    25. 24On my Way Home- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    26. 25Bail Out- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    27. 26Couch Slouch- CD only

    28. 27Running Around- CD only

    29. 28Snap- CD only

    30. 29Stupid, Stupid War- CD only

    31. 30Mad Man- CD only

    32. 31Sad to Be- CD only

    33. 32How to Act- CD only

    34. 33I'd Rather be Sleeping- CD only

    35. 34I Don't Need Society- CD only

    36. 35Nursing Home Blues- CD only

    37. 36Reaganomics- CD only

    38. 37The Explore- CD onlyr

    39. 38-43SF Cable TV video interview- CD Enhanced Tracks

    • Where do you go and what do you do when you achieve near legendary status with your debut album? In DRI's world, you release 'Dealing With It', a record that infused their increasing technicality with a love of metal and the raw, fast as hell Hardcore sound that they patented.

      Surpassing their debut, was never going to be easy, but with their second album, the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles managed to do just that in maelstrom of vicious, catchy, cerebral Hardcore and Metal..

      If you buy the CD version you get twelve never before heard tracks and interactive video interview footage!

      D.R.I.s legacy is once again ready for punk rock and metal consumption!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2003 CD , 2010 LP

    • Scribe #:BCR111-1 (LP), BCR111-2 (CD)

    • barcode #:650557011112 (LP), 650557011129 (CD)

    • Vinyl Color:red and greeen

    • Amount Pressed:1,000 red, 1000 green , countless cds

BCR118D.R.I.Live at CBGB's 1984 CD

  • D.R.I. - "Live at CBGB's 1984" CD

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01I Dont Need Society

    3. 02Reaganomics

    4. 03Commuter Man

    5. 04Plastique

    6. 05Why

    7. 06Balance of Terror

    8. 07My Fate to Hate

    9. 08Who am I

    10. 09Money Stinks

    11. 10Human Waste

    12. 11Yes Ma'me

    13. 12Dennis' Problem

    14. 13Closet Punk

    15. 14How to Act

    16. 15Give My Taxes Back

    17. 16Equal People

    18. 17On my Way Home

    19. 18Bail Out

    20. 19Snap

    21. 20The Explorer

    22. 21Slit my Wrists

    23. 22Stupid War

    24. 23Counter Attack

    25. 24I'd Rather be Sleeping

    26. 25Running Around

    27. 26Coach Slouch

    28. 27To Open Closed Doors

    29. 28God is Broke

    30. 29Soup Kitchen

    31. 30Sad to Be

    32. 31War Crimes

    33. 32Busted

    34. 33Draft Me

    35. 34First Round Draft Choice

    36. 35Capitalists Suck

    37. 36Mad Man

    38. 37Misery Loves Company

    39. 38No Sense

    40. 39Blockhead

    41. 40Violent Pacification

    • Remember when HC was just that? When it was HC, and not some watered down, consumer led fad forced into mainstream acceptance via corporate policy and greed? You do? So do D.R.I., and as such they (along with Beer City) have unleashed "Live at CBGB's", recorded on their infamous 1984 US tour, at the home of hardcore, which helped to establish the legend of the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles! This is how HC should be. Loud, proud, aggressive and raw. Nothing else matters. Close your eyes, suit up and get ready to slam. Who would have thought a history lesson could be this much fun? The past never sounded so good!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2005

    • Scribe #:BCR118-2

    • barcode #:650557011822

    • Vinyl Color:CD only

    • Amount Pressed:countless cds

BCR119D.R.I.Dirty Rotten LP

  • D.R.I. - "Dirty Rotten LP" (on CD) and LP

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Sad To Be

    3. 02War Crimes

    4. 03Busted

    5. 04Draft Me

    6. 05F.R.D.C.

    7. 06Capatalist Suck

    8. 07Misery Loves Company

    9. 08No Sense

    10. 09Blockhead

    11. 10I Don't Need Society

    12. 11Commuter Man

    13. 12Plastique

    14. 13Why

    15. 14Balance of Terror

    16. 15My Fate to Hate

    17. 16Who Am I

    18. 17Money Stinks

    19. 18Human Waste

    20. 19Yes Ma'am

    21. 20Dennis's Problem

    22. 21Closet Punk

    23. 22Reaganomics

    • This is the long out of print (on vinyl ) LP that was made from the Dirty Rotten EP. It's the orginal mix, master and song order. The band realized once they saw the prices on things that to do their 22 song 7" as a 12" would only cost a little more. So with that they did it and the 'Dirty Rotten EP' became the 'Dirty Rotten LP. With more space between the grooves the songs became even louder and more intense then before.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2010

    • Scribe #:BCR119-1 LP, BCR119-2 CD

    • barcode #:650557016513 LP, 650557011921 CD ,

    • Vinyl Color:red , green

    • Amount Pressed:1,000 red , 1000 green , countless cds

BCR131Verbal AbuseJust An American Band CD

  • Verbal Abuse - "Just an American Band" CD

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Power Play

    3. 02Leeches

    4. 03I Hate You

    5. 04Social Insect

    6. 05Boredom

    7. 06Bud

    8. 07Disintegration

    9. 08Unity

    10. 09Free Money

    11. 10I Don't Need It

    12. 11Verbal Abuse

    13. 12American Band

    14. 13Intro (live)

    15. 14Verbal Abuse (live)

    16. 15Emotional Constipation (live)

    17. 16Disintegration (live)

    18. 17I Don't Need it (live)

    19. 18Paranoid (live)

    20. 19Worth a Try (live)

    21. 20Free Money (live)

    22. 21Unity (live)

    23. 22Bud (live)

    24. 23Power Play (live)

    25. 24I Hate You (live)

    26. 25Boredom (live)

    27. 26I Wanna be Me (live)

    • 1983. The East and West were engaged in the cold war, economic collapse loomed just around the corner, democracy was slowly being strangled by Reagan and Thatcher, Orwell vision of 1984 loomed large on the horizon and Verbal Abuse recorded their seminal album, 'Just An American Band'. Having moved from Texas to San Francisco in 1981 and subsided on a diet supplied by soup kitchens and whatever else they could lay their hands whilst playing shows with MDC, The Dicks and The Big Boys, Verbal Abuse epitomized the term Hardcore. Theirs was a sound born of fury, born of righteous anger. This was hardcore in it's rawest form, undiluted by the outside world. The band were a soundtrack to a scene still in it's infancy, a scene that rallied and stood firm against the outside world. MTV had yet to sink it's corporate teeth into the scene, the notion of anything pop being associated with punk rock was a joke. While 'Just An American Band' may not sound as clean and polished as the slick boy band poseurs passing themselves off as punk rockers of today, it's power and passion remain as a testament to a time when to be hardcore, you had to live hardcore. Anything else was unacceptable. Re-issued by Beer City, along with a live set from the 1984 tour on which the band played with punk legends as The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys, Die Krezen, Poison Idea and the Cro Mags, and featuring sleeve notes from the band themselves, 'Just An American Band' is the sound of liberty. The sound of an emerging force, of a band who lived it, eat it , slept it, dreamt it and did it. This is Verbal Abuse. This is Hardcore.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2002

    • Scribe #:BCR131-2

    • barcode #: 650557013123

    • Vinyl Color:CD only

    • Amount Pressed:countless

BCR133Broken BonesF.O.A.D. CD

  • Broken Bones - "F.O.A.D" CD

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01F.O.A.D.

    3. 02Kick Down the Door

    4. 03Teenage Kamikaze

    5. 04Programme Control

    6. 05S.O.T.O.

    7. 06Missing Link

    8. 07Best of Both Worlds

    9. 08Never Say Die

    10. 09Decapitater 1&2

    11. 10Problem

    12. 11Secret Agent

    13. 12Liquidated Brains

    14. 13Gotta Get Outta Here

    15. 14I.O.U. Nothing

    16. 15Seeing Through My Eyes

    17. 16Annihilation #3

    18. 17Death Is Imminent (comp track)

    19. 18Never Say Die (NSD 12")

    20. 1910,5 Or a Dime (NSD 12")

    21. 20Got to get Out of Here (NSD 12")

    • F.O.A.D., the second and arguably, best album by Broken Bones fused the ferocity of debut, 'Dem Bones' with an added sense of ferocity, melody and power, to become of one of the most important 80's punk rock albums. Taking the punk rock blue print that was ingrained in their souls and adding a touch of the rising thrash metal movement, it became legendary in that it was and is widely regarded as one of the first Crossover records, and along with DRI, Broken Bones pioneered a movement whose fledgling steps gave rise to both the modern hardcore and metal scenes. Being half studio and half live, F.O.A.D. showed a band equally comfortable in both worlds, from the opening riff happy salvos of F.O.A.D. and 'Teenage Kamikaze', through to the incredible live set recorded at the Fulham Greyhound, the album sounds as fresh and vital as it did when it was first recorded nearly twenty years ago and puts ninety nine percent of modern so-called punk rock, hardcore and metal records to shame. For the first time, the 'Never Say Die' 12" has been included as bonus tracks, a record which further highlighted the bands incredible sense of melody, power and rabid energy, which along with FOAD has been re-mastered from the original tapes, upping the Broken Bones ante once more, and with full lyrical accompaniment (that's what a CD booklets for right?) being included for the first time, prepare to sing-a-long, be loud, be proud and be punk. Sit back, relax, tune in, drop out, press play and prepare to be blown away. It really was and is this good!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:thrash/metal

    • Released:2005

    • Scribe #:BCR133-2

    • barcode #: 650557013321

    • Vinyl Color:CD only

    • Amount Pressed:2,000

BCR135Raw PowerThe Reagan Years DVD/2xCD Box Set

  • Raw Power ' The Reagan Years' DVD/ 2xCD box set

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 'Screams From the Gutter'

    3. 01State Oppression

    4. 02Joe's the Best

    5. 03Bastard

    6. 04A Certain Kind of Killer

    7. 05Army

    8. 06My Boss

    9. 06My Boss

    10. 07No Card

    11. 08Power

    12. 09Start a Fight

    13. 10Don't Let Me See It

    14. 11Hate

    15. 12Raw Power

    16. 13Our Oppression

    17. 14We're All Gonna Die

    18. 15Police, Police

    19. 16Nihilist

    20. 17Politicians

    21. 'After Your Brain'

    22. 18You Are Fired

    23. 19Dreamer

    24. 20We Shall Overcome

    25. 21Is There Anything You Like

    26. 22Just Another Cry

    27. 23What Have We Done

    28. 24After Your Brain

    29. 25Nothing Better to Do

    30. 26Keep Out

    31. 27No Place to Hide

    32. 28What For

    33. 29Shut Up

    34. 30

    35. 'Mine To Kill'

    36. 31You Want More

    37. 32Wasteland

    38. 33Make or Break

    39. 34What Was

    40. 35Buried Alive

    41. 36You are the Victim

    42. 37Mine to Kill

    43. 38Revenge

    44. 39Animals Wearing Uniforms

    45. 40The White Man's Invasion

    46. 41Power Not Violence

    47. 42Raw Power 12

    48. 43Inside Me

    49. 44Zaff

    50. 'You Are the Victim'

    51. 45Politicians

    52. 46Police Police

    53. 47Corrosive Water

    54. 48Raw Power

    55. 49Burning Factory

    56. 50Hate

    57. 51State Oppression

    58. 52Don't Let Me See It

    59. 53You are the Victim

    60. 54Repression

    61. 55No Card

    62. 56Death Seller

    63. 57Power

    64. 58Nihilist

    65. 'Wop Hour 7"

    66. 59I Do What I Like

    67. 60You are the Victim

    68. 61Factory

    69. 62Destroy

    70. 'Welcome to 1984' M.R.R. comp

    71. 63Fuck Authority

    • Now you can experience all the 'essential' 80's material from this legendary Italian hardcore thrash/metal band in one remastered box set. This set includes 2 CD's with all 4 full lengths 'Raw Power' released in the 80's ('Screams From the Gutter', 'After Your Brain', 'Mine To Kill' and 'You Are the Victim') as well as the 'Wop Hour 7" and a track from a MRR comp for a total of 63 tracks!

      The DVD has two full shows Raw Power did in the 80's while on a US tour. Plus some cool DVD extras! Also included is a full DVD sized lyric book with liner notes by Mauro 'singer' and co founder of 'Raw Power'.

      We even got legendary artist Vince 'Rancid' Packard. (Who drew the covers for 'Screams From the Gutter' and 'After Your Brain' back in the 80's.) To paint the cover for this box set!

      So you get 63 tracks on CD, two full shows on DVD as well as DVD extras and a sick lyric book with linner notes! 'Raw Power Will Never DIe!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:thrash/metal, Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2010

    • Scribe #:BCR135-8

    • barcode #:650557013598

    • Vinyl Color:DVD and 2xCD

    • Amount Pressed:2,000

BCR140InfernoPioneering Work Discography 2xCD

  • Inferno - "Pioneering Work Discography" 2xCD

    1. Tracklist:

    2. Disc 1

    3. From the 1984 album 'Tod Und Wahnsinn'

    4. 011983

    5. 02Ram It Up

    6. 03Escape From Society

    7. 04Gott Ist Tot

    8. 05Tod

    9. 06Wodka

    10. 07KKK

    11. 08Administration

    12. 09Liebeslied

    13. 10Ronald Reagan

    14. 11Moorsoldaten

    15. 12Tod Und Zerstörung

    16. 13So Sind Wir

    17. 14Birne Muss Kanzler Bleiben

    18. 15Ziel Deutschland

    19. 16Massenmord

    20. 17Wäh

    21. 18Steinkopf

    22. 19Live At War

    23. 20Linke Sau

    24. From the 1984 MRR compilation 'Welcome to 1984'

    25. 21Perfekter Mensch

    26. From the 1985 'Son Of God EP'

    27. 22Sohn Gottes

    28. 23Ungewissheit

    29. 24Zukun Svisionen

    30. From the 1985 compilation 'Cleanse The Bacteria'

    31. 25Freitod

    32. 26Wir Sind Schon Tot II

    33. From the 1985 'Inferno/The Execute' split 12˝ EP

    34. 27Leben

    35. 28Geschöpf Ohne Hirn

    36. 29Im Namen Der Forschung

    37. 30Ein Alptraum

    38. Disc 2

    39. From the 1986 album 'Hibakushaon'

    40. 01Hibakusha

    41. 02Ein Glücklicher Narr

    42. 03Ich Liebe Nur Mich

    43. 04Dein Bester Freund

    44. 057 Jahre

    45. 06Ein Tag Im Schatten

    46. 07Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute

    47. 08Es Reicht

    48. 09Das Spiel Der Grossen

    49. 10VVV

    50. 11Die Rache Kommt

    51. 12Gewusst Wie

    52. 13No One Rules

    53. From the 1987 compilation 'The Incredible Power Of Darkness'

    54. 14Ram It Up II

    55. From the 1990 album It Should Be Your Problem

    56. 15Behind My Back

    57. 16Are they Nothing?

    58. 17After My Death

    59. 18Hate Of Joy

    60. 19Le Alone

    61. 20Like An Undead

    62. 21Not Your Problem

    63. 22People Torture People

    64. 23Possessed By the Devil

    65. 24Stories From the Past

    66. From the 1992 compilation Willkommen Zur Alptraummelodie

    67. 25Ihr Träumer

    68. 26Tränen Und Blut

    • "“INFERNO were the hardest, fastest, most brutal hardcore band of their time and a strong influence…” -- SCOTT IAN / ANTHRAX & SOD

      Beer City Skateboards & Records is proud to put out the North American version of the remastered, double CD discography of the seminal early 80’s German hardcore band INFERNO- Pioneering Work- 56 Song Discography! The 56 songs include all the bands’ full lengths; split releases (including a split in 1985 with Japan’s EXECUTE on the legendary Pushead’s label Pusmort.) and most compilation tracks (including the 1984 compilation Welcome To 1984 released on Maximum Rock‘N‘Roll and the infamous 1985 release of Cleanse the Bacteria, which was also released by Pushead on Pusmort!

      As with all Beer City, reissues/discography’s this comes with a huge 32-page booklet! This booklet contains a complete story of the bands’ existence from start to finish (written by the bands’ singer Howie and guitarist Archie), photos, flyers and— for the first time ever— all the lyrics translated to English.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore & Thrash Metal

    • Released:March 11th 2014

    • Scribe #:BCR140

    • barcode #:650557014021

BCR153Head On CollisionRitual Sacrifice CD

  • Head On Collision - 'Ritual Sacrifice' CD

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Arise From the Wreckage

    3. 02Violence and Aggresion

    4. 03Electrocutioner

    5. 04Enemy Lines

    6. 05Godhand

    7. 06Permanent Damage

    8. 07Fear

    9. 08Retaliate

    10. 09Reap the Weak

    11. 10The Flames of Aggression

    12. 11Ritual Sacrifice

    • Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, thrash metal miscreants Head On Collision inject every authentic utterance, essence and nuance of the crumbling urban metropolis they call home into their Beer City debut, Ritual Sacrifice. The result is the sick, polluted ennui of a dying city conveniently packaged and shrink wrapped for your listening pleasure. The disc rips open with the impeccable Arise From the Wreckage and doesn't let up until the titular final track, cumulating in eleven straight tracks of sullied, gory gold. These days metal is rarely this unfiltered and unaffected; the boys in HOC let the guitars scream for themselves and manage to make it through the eleven track onslaught with nary a drum loop or a bullshit Taxi Driver sample in the way. Authentic metal for authentic metalheads, Ritual Sacrifice is a straight shot of 100 proof thrash metal that should thoroughly disintegrate whatever's left of your brain stem come album's end. Commence consumption immediately.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:thrash/metal

    • Released:2008

    • Scribe #:BCR153

    • barcode #:650557015325

    • Vinyl Color:CD only

    • Amount Pressed:5,000

BCR160D.R.I.Crossover - Millennium Edition CD or LP

  • D.R.I. - "Crossover - Millennium Edition" CD/LP

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01The Five Year Plan- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    3. 02Tear it Down- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    4. 03A Coffin- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    5. 04Probation- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    6. 05 I.D.K.Y.- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    7. 06Decisions- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    8. 07Hooked- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    9. 08Go Die- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    10. 09Redline- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    11. 10No Religion- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    12. 11Fun & Games- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    13. 12Oblivion- Remastered tracks- CD and LP

    14. 13Outro A.F.N.- CD only-'Live at The Ritz' tracks

    15. 145 Year Plan- CD only-'Live at The Ritz' tracks

    16. 15Redline- CD only -'Live at The Ritz' tracks

    17. 16Fun & Games- CD only -'Live at The Ritz' tracks

    18. 17Tear it Down- CD only -'Live at The Ritz' tracks

    19. 18Probation - CD only -'Live at The Ritz' tracks

    20. 19Go Die - CD only -'Live at The Ritz' tracks

    21. 20 5 Year Plan (demo) - CD only-bonus tracks

    22. 21Fun and Games (demo) - CD only-bonus tracks

    23. 22Kurt (interview) - CD only-bonus tracks

    24. 23Spike (interview) - CD only-bonus tracks

    25. 24Josh and Felix (interview) - CD only-bonus tracks

    • What do you do after you put out two classic hardcore albums and have started to tour all over the world? If your D.R.I. you expand on your metal roots and put out 'Crossover'. This was the album that fully cemented metal and hardcore together to form a new style. This album would open up D.R.I. to a whole new crowd and help them merge the two scene's of metal and hardcore/punk together.

      All these years latter were proud to reissue this classic album. We had it remastered by the original producer/ engineer Bill Metoyer. With that we also added 11 bonus tracks! (to the CD only and which Bill also remastered). Also included are liner notes from each band member and lyrics!

      " 'Crossover' was the record that took D.R.I. from a hardcore punk band with metal influences, to a metal band with hardcore punk roots" - Spike

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:thrash metal

    • Released:2010

    • Scribe #:BCR160-1 (LP) BCR160-2 (CD)

    • barcode #:650557016018 LP, 650557016025 CD

    • Vinyl Color:red and green

    • Amount Pressed:1,000 red, 1000 green , countless cds

BCR164D.R.I.Dirty Rotten E.P. 7"

  • D.R.I. - "Dirty Rotten E.P." 7"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Sad To Be

    3. 02War Crimes

    4. 03Busted

    5. 04Draft Me

    6. 05F.R.D.C.

    7. 06Capatalist Suck

    8. 07Misery Loves Company

    9. 08No Sense

    10. 09Blockhead

    11. 10I Don't Need Society

    12. 11Commuter Man

    13. 12Plastique

    14. 13Why

    15. 14Balance of Terror

    16. 15My Fate to Hate

    17. 16Who Am I

    18. 17Money Stinks

    19. 18Human Waste

    20. 19Yes Ma'am

    21. 20Dennis's Problem

    22. 21Closet Punk

    23. 22Reaganomics

    • What do you do when you are stuck in Texas and just starting to listen to this new music called hardcore? If your the guys in D.R. I. you form a band, practice ever night. Annoy the hell out of your dad the 'Mad Man', and play the fastest most intense hardcore songs ever!

      Then with your 7" in hand you head out to California to live in SF in an old brewery known as 'The Vats!' and the adventure just gets started!

      Thus the band that would become a thrash/metal legend had put out their first legendary influential record. Not only would this be their first record , but it would go down as being the fastest record ever made (at the time). Would influence 1000's of bands and people to this day. D.R.I. single handedly changed what would be defined as hardcore and would go down in history books for introducing their brand of hardcore played at a new never before played speed!

      Now after practically 27 years of this being out of print it is once again available in its original format! You get all 22 songs on one piece of 7" vinyl. Once again you can hear the raw , fast music in its original mix and master the way it first was and was meant to be.

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2010

    • Scribe #:BCR164-7

    • barcode #:650557016476

    • Vinyl Color:red, blue, green , gold and clear

    • Amount Pressed:1,000 of each of the above listed colors

BCR166D.R.I.Violent Pacification 7"

  • D.R.I. - "Violent Pacification" 7"

    • album cover
    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01Violent Pacification

    3. 02Running Around

    4. 03Couch Slouch

    5. 04To Open Closed Doors

    • Its 1984. D.R.I. had just gotten back from the 'Rock Against Reagan' US tour were they opened up for 'M.D.C.' and 'The Dead Kennedy's '. While the tour was well attended the pay was terrible if not next to nothing.D.R.I. retuned home tired, cold and broke. Most bands would have thrown in the towel. Not D.R.I. They continued to live in their van ; eat once a day at soup kitchens; practice non stop ; write fast intense songs and play any and all shows offered to them! Once they perfected their new songs they went in and recorded the 'Violent Pacification' 7". Which would be D.R.I.'s next release and done in conjunction with M.D.C.'s label R Radical Records!

      The new 7" contained 4 brand new songs just as fast and furious as their previous release , but at the same time more complex. The band was getting even better. Not only did these new songs pack a punch large enough to kick a full mouth of teeth in , but the new songs contained some faint traces of metal. This would be the first hint of D.R.I. turning things up even more and of what would come on their next full length!

      With a new 'Violent Pacification' out D.R.I. did a full US tour were they wrecked havoc on cities all across the US. When the tour was finally done they returned home ready to start work on their next full length. Some major significant changes were about to happen to D.R.I. and little did they know the enormous impact these changes and that full length were going to have on the world!

      Now after being out of print for 26 years Beer City is proud to re issue 'Violent Pacification ' in its original 7" format. Once again you will be able to plop down this influential crucial record onto your turn table and enjoy the fast paced heart pounding hardcore master piece the way it was first presented ( and meant to be heard) 26 years ago! You get a total of 4 songs that will have you thrashing all over the room and shouting 'VIOLENT PACIFICATION!' till the wee hours of the morning. This is D.R.I. ! This is American hardcore!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2010

    • Scribe #:BCR166-7

    • barcode #:650557016674

    • Vinyl Color:red, blue, green , gold and clear

    • Amount Pressed:1,000 of each of the above listed colors

BCR171The Loud OnesTime To Skate LP/CD

  • The Loud Ones - "Time To Skate"

    1. Tracklist:

    2. Tracks 1-14 appear on both the LP and CD versions

    3. 01Intro

    4. 02Arrested

    5. 03Time To Skate

    6. 04Big Dans

    7. 05Shit Shit Shit

    8. 06Norcon Helmet

    9. 07Fuck Em’

    10. 08Road Rash

    11. 09Ultimate Skate Chick

    12. 10Skateboarding, Chicks & Rock N Roll

    13. 11Indian Dance

    14. 12Pig Party

    15. 13Streets

    16. 14My Dog

    17. Tracks 15-28 appear on the CD version only

    18. 15Skate Death (1983 Demo)

    19. 16Arrested (1983 Demo)

    20. 17Big Dans (1983 Demo)

    21. 18Fuck Em’ (1983 Demo)

    22. 19My Dog (1983 Demo)

    23. 20Norcon Helmet (1983 Demo)

    24. 21Pig Party (1983 Demo)

    25. 22Streets (1983 Demo)

    26. 23Big Dans (1985 Demo)

    27. 24Fuck Em’ (1985 Demo)

    28. 25Norcon Helmet (1985 Demo)

    29. 26Ultimate Skate Chick (Live at Paradise, Boston 1984)

    30. 27Streets (Live at Paradise, Boston 1984)

    31. 28Skateboarding, Chicks & Rock N Roll (Live at Paradise, Boston 1984)

    • "Skate Rock for Skate Rats" is what the LOUD ONES are about! In 1983 fueled by skateboarding, a general need to party, raise hell and skate and session every ramp in the northwest soon to be legendary pro skater FRED SMITH and four of his friends would start the LOUD ONES. The public named them the LOUD ONES. LOUD ONES was not a band name, it was a reputation!

      So with the influence of punk bands they always listened to (SEX PISTOLS, JOHNNY THUNDERS, DEAD KENNEDYS) and one month of practice they would go into the studio and record their first demo. Without knowing it among with soon to be peers from throughout the US and Canada they would be creating a whole new genre that would be termed as SKATE ROCK!

      That demo tape would end up being dubbed a million times and being played at backyard sessions all over the US. Over the next two years the LOUD ONES would play a ton of keg parties, record another demo, play shows with GANG GREEN, THE FREEZE and THE FUS! Eventually Fred would get picked up by Alva Skateboards and the band would soon fizzle out.

      Then in 2012 a reunion would take place and the band would reform with FRED SMITH, METAL MAN (who was second drummer in 85), BOOG, MICHAEL and DKNOW. After one year of playing shows and practicing the LOUD ONES would go into the studio to record this full length. This CD contains some brand new songs and rerecorded old favorites. As well as 13 bonus tracks tracks including the original demos from 83 and 85 and some live tracks from 84. To top it all off the booklet contains liner notes, band history, photos, lyrics and more. So grab this CD get out your skateboard and go sesh your favorite spot with the LOUD ONES blaring!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Skate Rock

    • Released:CD - 1.7.14 / Ltd. Edition LP 4.19.14

    • Scribe #:BCR171

    • barcode #:CD 650557017121 / LP 65055701714

    • Vinyl Color:Red

    • Amount Pressed:CD's unlimited / LP - 1,000 red vinyl 'Record Store Day 2014' release

BCR172Raw PowerTired and Furious

  • Raw Power - "Tired and Furious"

    1. Tracklist:

    2. 01We're Moving

    3. 02Don’t You Dare Blame Us

    4. 03Time To Remember

    5. 04S.L.S.

    6. 05Things Are Bad

    7. 06Tired and Furious

    8. 07Reunions

    9. 08Sin With Me

    10. 09Stabbed In the Back

    11. 10I Wont Let You

    12. 11What Would You Say

    13. 12Cancer

    14. 13You’re the Man

    15. 14Bitch

    16. 15Falling Down

    17. 16Enough Is Enough

    • Beer City Skateboards & Records is proud to present Tired and Furious — a brand new thrash/metal album from the legendary RAW POWER that will crush your skull like a ton of bricks. It’s 16 songs of fast, intense kick-you-in-the-face thrash from a band that’s been going strong and pushing the limits of hardcore and thrash since the early ‘80’s!

      Tired and Furious will wreack complete havoc with your eardrums and crush everything in its path. Recorded and produced by Adam Tucker of Signature Sound studios and with cover art by the legendary Joe Petagno. With blaring guitars, devastating drums, heavy bass and raw, loud angry vocals Tired and Furious is the perfect combination of fast intense thrash/metal.

      Total anger and disdain for the harshness of this world and the people who make it so corrupt fuel the fire of RAW POWER. The results of this anger and the immense talent that RAW POWER brings to the table is this brand new album – Tired and Furious!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore/Punk

    • Released:2014

    • Scribe #:BCR172-1 (LP), BCR172-2 (CD)

    • barcode #:650557017213 (LP), 650557017220 (CD)

    • Vinyl Color:Transparent Green for RSD 2014

    • Amount Pressed:1,000, countless cds

BCR123Suburban MutilationThe Opera Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Sings

  • Suburban Mutilation - "The Opera Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Sings!" CD

    1. Tracklist:

    2. Tracks 1-17: Dynamic Sound Studios, January 1984 (Nørb/Gary/Queeve)

    3. 01Daddy Was A Nazi

    4. 02Ya Buncha Morons

    5. 03Twisted Cross

    6. 04Plastic Chicken

    7. 05I Reject U

    8. 06You're A Dilemma

    9. 07I Object

    10. 08Farmers

    11. 09Apathy

    12. 10Police State

    13. 11Don't Psychoanalyze Me

    14. 12No Explanations

    15. 13El Salvador Stomp

    16. 14Twilight Zone

    17. 15Regurgitate

    18. 16Deprogram

    19. 17Attack That Girl

    20. Bonus Tracks 18-27: Nørb’s Dad’s Basement, November 1982 (Nørb/Gary/Perry)

    21. 18I Reject U

    22. 19Shock Shop

    23. 20Drop Dead

    24. 21Riot In The Streets

    25. 22Daddy Was A Nazi

    26. 23Menachem Begin

    27. 24No Pulse

    28. 25I Just Wanna Screw Around

    29. 26Police State

    30. 27El Salvador Stomp

    31. Bonus Tracks 28-42: Jamie Shimon’s Dad’s Machine Shed, Spring 1983 (Nørb/Gary/Queeve)

    32. 28Menachem Begin

    33. 29Plastic Chicken

    34. 30Police States

    35. 31I Object

    36. 32I Reject U

    37. 33You're A Dilemma

    38. 34Don’t Psychoanalyze Me

    39. 35El Salvador Stomp

    40. 36Twisted Cross

    41. 37Deprogram

    42. 38(You Make Me Feel Like A) Gutter Rat

    43. 39Riot In The Streets

    44. 40Attack That Girl

    45. 41Z-Song

    46. 42Don’t Say Fuck

    47. Bonus Tracks 43-47 Nørb’s Dad’s Garage, March 1981 (Nørb/Gary/Perry)

    48. 43The Twist

    49. 44Shock Shop

    50. 45Brains From Outer Space

    51. 46Heartless

    52. 47Surfin’ Bird (partial)

    • Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to present the CD release of the ‘30th Anniversary’ reissue edition of the seminal early 80’s hardcore band (that existed form 1981-1985 and was fronted by REV. NORB of ‘BORIS THE SPRINKLER’ and ‘Razorcake’ fame) ‘SUBURBAN MUTILATION’S ‘The Opera Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Sings’!

      This was originally released in 1984 on LP only and limited to 2 runs of 500 each. The ‘30th Anniversary’ reissue edition not only contains the original full length. Also featured are 30 bonus tracks. Many of them never before heard! The fun doesn’t stop there cause also included is a huge booklet filled with lyrics, art, photo’s and show flyers. Of coarse this would not be complete with out liner notes. Which were written by ‘Rev Norb’ himself; were he tells the complete story of the band from start to finnish.

      If all that wasn’t enough; we recruited Dave at ‘Lucky Lacquers’ to restore and remaster all the audio, so this special anniversary edition will sound even better then the original and knock you off your feet every time you play it. So don’t sit around and wait for Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny or your angry drunken neighbor to bring you a copy. Head down to your local record store and buy one now!

    • Additional Details:

    • Music Style:Hardcore / Punk

    • Released:February 11, 2014

    • Scribe #:BCR123-2